Vendisto for Magento

backoffice software for Magento installations

ERP Software for Magento webshops

Vendisto is a comprehensive state-of-the-art system for webshop management, that integrates seamlessly with Magento.

Vendisto suppports the management of orders, inventory, purchases, and returns. All related communication is handled by the system as well.

Vendisto is an ideal and easy extension of the standard Magento back-office.

Order Management

The Vendisto order module offers a clearly structured overview of orders and order status updates.

You can see immediately which new orders have come in and what their payment status is.

You easily select all the orders that are ready to ship, generate packing slips, and manage your shipper(s) logistical processes.

Inventory Management

Vendisto supports drop-shipping and various models for you to handle independent inventory management.

Even combinations of both inventory management models and multiple storage locations will not be a problem.

Orders and deliveries immediately update the available and technical inventory, as do cancelled orders and returns.

Purchase Management

If a (minimum) inventory level is exceeded, you will be notified automatically.

Vendisto automatically generates purchasing proposals and purchase orders based on client-specific rules.

Received items and purchase invoices are processed automatically.

Returns Management

Vendisto supports your Return Material Authorization (RMA) procedure.

The RMA procedure is how you authorize returns, allowing you to track the status of a return shipment based on a unique reference issued previously.


Vendisto helps you to lower your costs, increase your profits and improve on customer satisfaction. This is how.

Streamlines your order delivery

Your Magento orders flow into your system and are sent to dropshippers automatically. You free time to focus on marketing and customer care.

Interfaces with external systems

Purchase orders are sent in supplier-preferred formats. Vendisto also integrates with payment systems and logistics systems.

Optimizes customer communications

Keeps all customer communications next to your order. Automatically sent order status updates, even those triggered by external systems.

Avoids backorders and multiple deliveries

Vendisto automatically proposes the purchase orders needed to avoid low stock. Email suppliers directly and keep track of purchase order status.

Supports multiple shops

Vendisto handles all your orders - whether they originate from your Magento shop, or any other source.


Vendisto currently is in private beta. During this phase we offer the system for free, expecting only your feedback and suggestions. After conclusion of the beta-phase Vendisto will be priced as follows. All plans come with a 30 day FREE trial .

Contact Us

If you want to participate in the beta-programme and use Vendisto for free , or have any other questions, please drop us a line.